Welcome To Aimee Louise School of Dance

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  Aimee louise School of Dance opened on the 10th May 2008 and has become a friendly, hard working and fun school with over 130 dedicated pupils who attend classes in Ballet,Tap,Modern-jazz,Street-Jazz, Musical Theatre, Acro, Adult tap and Boys ALS CREW street dance.

There are classes that run 5 times a week and are gradually increasing. We have classes to meet everyone’s needs whatever their age or ability.  I am a fully qualified IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) teacher and highly experienced in teaching dance.

The school offers pupils the chance to take exams and appear in shows and displays as well as taking part in well-structured but fun and friendly classes which will help to improve and develop a number of skills and qualities including co-ordination, rhythm, self-discipline and self-confidence and social skills.

With all the pupils hard work, fun and dedication and hopefully my knowledge and experience, I hope I can help them to become the dancer that they would like to be. Not only will they be involved in class work but hopefully different areas of dance including a dance school show where family and friends can see how far they have come and also be awarded for their hard work in 100% pass rate in I.D.T.A examinations.

 Every year Aimee Louise School Of Dance holds a Fund Raising day to help raise money for the school. On the day we have Games,prizes,stalls,face painting,Tombola,Raffles and as well as that the pupils do a little dance display for friends and family. Money that we raise goes towards Dance School presentations,shows and future events.

 Each year Aimee louise school of dance hold a Dance show , where all pupils will demonstate many aspects of dance and also singing. The pupils have now been entering numerous Dance festivals and have had really outstanding results and comments. They have not only grown as a dancer, but also in confidence and personalilty. 

Over the past 7 years i  have watched pupils grow in their ability and performance. I am very proud of all the pupils and I am so grateful that i have brilliant Parents,Friends and Family for there continous support.

                     I hope you all enjoy the website, If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting.
Miss Aimee x